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In today’s world of high-tech product engineering, a test specimen is the most important component of tensile testing, for it determines the actual physical properties of the material being tested. The specimen must conform to exacting physical dimensions, and must be free of induced heat or cold working distortion. Additionally, repeatability of the specimen is critical, to ensure that variations in the test result are due to variations in the material, and not variations in the specimen dimensions. The ideal test specimen should duplicate the pure basic material being tested with a total absence of tool marks, incipient cracks, induced stresses, internal deformation or heat distortion. The CNC Tensilkut III achieves these ideal requirements and produces an almost perfect test specimen, yet does not require an experienced machinist or extensive CNC training for operation.

The CNC Tensilkut III is a fully automatic machine developed specifically by Tensilkut Engineering for preparing flat test specimens from most machineable materials. The CNC Tensilkut III has been designed with the safety and comfort of all in the lab in mind. A chip shield surrounds the entire working area of the CNC Tensilkut III, inhibiting flying chips and lessening the noise of the cutting operation. An emergency stop switch is mounted on the front of the machine, as are all power switches. Additionally, the door on the chip shield is fitted with a safety disconnect switch to stop operation of the machine and shut off the motor when the doors are opened.

The CNC Tensilkut III employs an integral IBM compatible computer with hard drive, 101 key enhanced keyboard and mouse to prepare those specimens which we have programmed in accordance with the customer’s order. This system features a Windows based software featuring pull down menus for easy use; the LCD monitor displays tool paths, speeds and depths of cut during operation. Optional software will allow specimen contours to be imported from most CAD drawing programs. Should additional specimen contours be added to your testing program after your CNC Tensilkut III has been shipped to you, new sample programming can be done by Tensilkut Engineering, and quickly installed to the machine’s hard drive.

The CNC Tensilkut III utilizes a 3HP, 115V motor with an infinitely variable speed regulator. Samples can be cut from plaques or strips of material, which are clamped to a 12”x14” table which moves about the X axis during the cutting operation. The specially designed end mill traces the contours of the specimen; the progress of the specimen preparation is displayed on the monitor throughout the cutting process.

The CNC Tensilkut III will cut up to 1” thick pieces of aluminum, plastic, ceramics, mild steel, non-ferrous metals and non-metallics. The total thickness of stainless and harder metals which can be cut will be less, depending upon the hardness of the material. The preparation time will depend upon the thickness and hardness of the material being cut, along with the layout of and number of samples to be cut at once. Since the preparation of the test specimens is fully automatic, the operator is free to complete other tasks while the specimens are cut.

The CNC Tensilkut III contains a vacuum chip removal system and a micro drop coolant system for improved edge finishes. The coolant system requires a clean, dry source of compressed air.Traditional CNC machines are very large and complex, requiring the operator to attend extensive training classes, usually lasting several weeks, at the manufacturer’s facility before they can begin to operate the machine. This is not the case with the CNC Tensilkut III.

All of our CNC machines were developed specifically to run on software which runs under the Windows operating system. Thus, anyone who has used a small computer, whether for personal or business reasons, is familiar with the “feel” of the CNC Tensilkut III. For those who are not yet computer users, Windows is very easy to learn to use, and our “self instruction” manual details every step in operating the CNC Tensilkut III, beginning with turning on the computer and starting the software.

The CNC Tensilkut III is frequently used by people who prepare several types of specimens from the same material, for example ASTM and JIS standards simultaneously. This machine is ideal for such an application, for the table can be laid out as shown here to accommodate this need:


This layout encompasses ASTM E8 and JIS No. 5 specimens. Three programs were required: one prepares three of each bar, one cuts three ASTM E8 bars, and the third cuts three JIS No. 5 samples. Precut strips of metal are clamped at each location on the moving table, and the operator selects which option he prefers from the pull down menu at the top of the screen.

This layout is typical of what our customers who prepare more than one specimen type specify; of course, it is customized for each user’s needs.

Training is available at Tensilkut, and is included in the price of the machine; however, most users don’t require it. You are invited to come to our facility to be taught to use your machine, including your programs, before the machine is shipped. Anyone in your facility who wants training is welcome to visit us; you can usually be comfortable running your machine in one day.

The CNC Tensilkut III is a sturdily designed machine, engineered to provide trouble-free operation with minimal maintenance. Preventive maintenance schedules and step by step procedures are detailed in the instruction manual supplied with the machine.

Any service of the machine which is needed during the first six months of its life is provided in our facility at no charge. Rarely are problems encountered with the CNC Tensilkut III; should any difficulty arise, it can usually be solved quickly on the phone.

Should you encounter a question in operation of the machine, or a problem in its usage, our technical support staff is available by telephone during normal business hours.