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Product Details

The CNC Tensilathe is a new, fully automatic lathe developed specifically for turning round tensile, fatigue, jominy and other test bars from most machineable metals and non-metallics. The CNC Tensilathe employs a microcomputer which is programmable to prepare a wide variety of specimens from approximately 1/4" overall diameter to in excess of 2" overall diameter. The Pentium computer with integral hard drive includes a monitor keyboard and mouse.

This new lathe features a Windows based software featuring pull down menus for easy operation; neither machining nor CNC tool experience are required for the user to quickly learn to turn his own bars. A complete, illustrated self-instruction manual guides the user through the entire turning process; training in our facility is also available. Optional software will allow specimen contours to be imported from most CAD drawing programs; most users prefer to allow us to program their systems.

This lathe uses a standard 3-jaw chuck; a 4-jaw chuck is available for gripping irregular pieces. The unit contains a Micro-Drop coolant system; a chip shield inhibits flying chips and reduces the noise of the lathe. An emergency stop switch is located on the front of the unit, as are all power switches.