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Tensilgrind details

Tensilgrind is a precision contour grinding machine designed for the
preparation of physical test specimens from high hardness metal foil and sheet. Tensilgrind employs the basic principle of Tensilkut, wherein a precision master template is manually guided across the table surface with the removal of metal accomplished in a series of light grinding passes.

Tensilgrind is designed to be located in the metallurgical laboratory, so it is available for grinding test specimens as they are needed, rather than waiting for them to be finished by a machine shop in days or weeks. Laboratory personnel without previous machining experience can readily grind specimens from hard metals and super alloys, resulting in a greatly reduced per specimen cost.

The 25-01 grinding wheel designed specifically for the Tensilgrind are in stock and ready to order now. The formed wheel has a ½” hub shaped to a 5/16” width obtains minimum wheel contact with the specimen, while providing maximum wheel rigidity. A radius dressed on the periphery of the wheel by a built in diamond wheel dresser reduces the contact of the wheel with the specimen to a small point for minimum generation of heat.

The 25-10 Silicon Carbide (“green”) grinding wheel is also available for applications involving the grinding of the hardest materials, where the standard aluminum oxide grinding wheel is not appropriate.

Tensilgrind templates are interchangeable with the Tensilkut machines, enabling the user of both machines to have just one set of templates. Accordingly, the Tensilgrind is offered with three different control head heights to match the specific design of a users machines. While the design of each machine is different according to user needs, the maximum capacity of all three designs is the same. The limitation on the thickness of the material which can be prepared on the Tensilgrind is caused by the radius of the grinding wheel, which would imprint upon too thick a sample.

The Tensilgrind was recently redesigned. For greater ease of use, the guide bushing moves back and forth about the grinding wheel, reducing wear on the slide. Longevity has been improved by introducing a newly designed dovetail cross slide with acme threads and gib plates. The tabletop is stainless steel, with a window in it for easier wheel removal. Further, the wheel can be replaced without removing the spindle shaft, and it now operates at a constant speed.