The test sample is a precise part. A test specimen is the most important component of tensile testing, for it determines the actual physical properties of the metal or plastic being tested. The physical test specimen must conform to exacting dimensions down to thousands of an inch in every dimension and must be free of induced cold working or heat distortion. Qualified laboratory personnel and accurately calibrated universal testing machines are important, but the ultimate tensile test results are based on the quality and accuracy of the test specimen.Office_1996

Tensilkut Engineering is a leading manufacturer of high quality equipment for cutting accurate flat and round tensile, flexural, fatigue, tensile impact, notched impact and other test samples in accordance with ASTM, JIS, ISO and custom specifications. All of these machines are designed for use in the testing lab, alongside the universal testing machine. These tensile bar cutters can be used by lab technicians without previous machining experience.



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