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A metal impact specimen is a precision part, for it must be milled or ground square to tolerances of +.001” and be square within ¼ degree. The bar must be notched to a depth within +.001” of the specification, with a notch radius of .010” +.001”. The surface finish or the notch is extremely critical, for it must be free of tool marks or induced heat or cold working distortion for accurate results.

Impactkut is a precision broaching machine with a series of teeth similar to those on a milling cutter, except that the teeth are in a straight line. The initial broach teeth are working teeth, which remove exactly .0025” each, while the last three teeth are finishing teeth, and remove less than .0001” per tooth. Broaching is the perfect method for machining the critical notch in impact bars; the notched radius will be accurate to within .001”, and free of induced cold working distortion for truly accurate and consistent impact properties.

Impactkut is a sturdy, compact machine which is mounted on a cabinet containing a coolant system, and requires minimum floor space. Laboratory personnel without previous machining experience can broach a notch in a prepared 10mm square blank in less than one minute. Impactkut achieves excellent tool life, and can broach up to 10,000 aluminum, 5000 steel, 2500 stainless or 500 high hardness RC40 specimens within tolerance before broach regrinding is necessary.

Impactkut has a 1 ton broaching force, and a 24” stroke length to prepare notches in metals ranging from soft lead or aluminum alloys to high hardness steels and alloys. The broaching force is hydraulic, and the broaching speed is controlled by a hydraulic check valve. The Impactkut holding fixture is mounted on a rigid steel plate to absorb the broaching forces without deflection. The ram is guided in precision hardened and ground ways to insure rigidity and consistent alignment of the broaching tool in relation to the specimen blank. As with all Tensilkut equipment, the Impactkut was designed for use in the lab, by personnel without previous machining experience.