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Product summary

Specially designed cutters maximize your utilization of the CNC Tensilkut III.

C-63 for the Tensilkut 3

C-67 for the Tensilkut 3

For accurate cutting with the CNC Tensilkut III, use the Solid Carbide C60 series Tensilbits, designed with an end cut. The list below suggests the proper cutter for your application:

C-62 is a 2 flute, solid carbide cutter. It is suited to preparing most metal samples, including steel, copper, brass, and aluminum. It can also be used to cut soft plastics.

C-63 is a 4 flute, solid carbide cutter. It can be used for aluminum and other soft metals, and for hard plastics.

C-64 is an 8 flute, solid carbide cutter. It is well suited to preparing test samples from most plastics

C-65 is a solid carbide, burr type cutter. It can be used for cutting specimens from ceramics, fiberglass, rubber, composites, epoxies and Kevlar*.

C-66 is a diamond plated, straight tool steel shanked cutter. It is used for finishing specimens which need special polishing around the edges, including Kevlar*.

C-67 is a solid carbide, high helix cutter. It is well suited to cutting specimens from most hard metals, including stainless and many alloys. It is also available with a Titanium Nitride coating, for longer life or better performance on harder metals (part no. TC-67).